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My Camera and Audio Setup

"Damn you look good!"

That was the first thing a fellow lacrosse goalie coach said to me when I turned on the video for our Zoom meeting. 

I wish he was talking about my handsome good looks but alas he was not. In fact he was referring to my camera setup for the webinar we were about to participate in. 

And it was true. Compared to the other goalie coach's camera setup I was Brad Pitt to his Danny Devito.

Every time I do a live training event seems like that inevitably someone ends up asking…

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How to Host a Virtual Summit on Simplero



How to Host A Virtual Summit To Grow Your Online Business in 2021

A fun, powerful, and very relevant way to grow your online business


I recently finished hosting my 2nd virtual summit for my lacrosse goalie business. 

And I gotta tell you, these things are absolutely amazing! 

Why ... you ask?

Oh ... virtual summits - how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 

Virtual summits give your business a nice dose of revenue! For just a 3 day event ...


That doesn't even count…

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